Sinabung: More than 3000 refugees lived in the camp

The number of refugees after the eruption of Mount Sinabung reached 3.284 people or 1018 households that being placed in 12 camps. Previously, it was 16 camps, and the reduction of the camp site was due to easier management.

The mountain was showing highly activity until Sunday (26/10). 98 times tremor and 2 times glowing clouds were recorded and have been reached 3,5 kilometres in southern direction. The height of the cloud column reached 2 kilometres. On the west side of the peak mountain, rock fall was witnessed reach out 700-1000 meter. The mountain status remains stable at level III.

Nobody knows when the eruption will accomplish. Even the geological institution could not predict when Sinabung will cease and back to normal. All of the volcano parameters are showing highly activities. It means the eruption and rock fall likely to happen again. The pattern of the lava flow has been known by the official and people as well which can get to 5 km in southern direction and 3 km for the others direction and therefore people in this radius should be evacuated.

The terms of disaster emergency applied only in particular area that should be abandoned by the inhabitant whereas the other area can conduct their normal activities. The government will give aid with merit to the recommendation of geological agency. BNPB hopes that local government in Karo District also allocated budget to manage with the disaster.

The logistic stock was enough for the next 3 until 6 days. The health, education, and infrastructure were in a good situation. BNPB have assigned 10,3 billion rupiah to BPBD in Karo District to land and house rent, as well for living guarantee for the refugees who come from Sukameriah, Bekerah, Simacem, Kutatonggal, Gamber, Berastepu, and Gurukinayan village. Based on the report by BPBD Karo, the total of the budget that have been used was 10,24 billion for 2.161 households.

The source is from BNPB Website

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